The Clim'foot project


Coordinated by the ADEME, this European-wide project brings together France, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Greece.

This project aims to facilitate the development of public policies designed to calculate and reduce organizations’ carbon footprints. Since its creation, Clim’Foot has been offering, through an unprecedented project of European cooperation, the ability to account for greenhouse gas emissions through the Bilan Carbone® system specialized and adapted to the meet each country’s challenges. This simplified tool, adapted to meet the project’s needs – and called the Bilan Carbone® Clim’Foot – was made available in the participating countries to enable them to benefit from French skills and knowledge.

Moreover, the project required the development of emission factor baselines, whether at the individual country level or at a European wide level. Training sessions have been created by our partner, the Institut de Formation Carbone, to support project participants in their education in carbon accounting.
In France, Clim’Foot is trying out new methodology for the evaluation of organizations’ low carbon policies: ACT (Assessing low Carbon Transition).

This European project has a website with pages dedicated to a European-wide database (under construction), training, volunteer programs, project news…

The ABC's role

The ABC’s participation in the project is reflected in the close collaboration with the technical board made up of the following 5 institutional partners:

  • Centre for renewable energy sources and saving (CRES – Greece)
  • Energy Institute Hrvoye Pozar (EIHP – Croatia)
  • Italian national agency for new technologies, energy and sustainable economic development (ENEA – Italy)
  • Herman Otto Institute (HOI – Hungary

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