Joining the ABC is joining a network of more than 400 organizations working towards an energy-climate transition
Joining the ABC is supporting an association that assists organizations and local authorities in equiping themselves with the tools they need to successfully transition to lower carbon practices and models; and to promote awareness-raising actions by both public and para-public civic organizations.

Joining the ABC also has exclusive benefits:

  • Participation in Association projects throughout France and abroad
  • Access to methodologies and tools for a successful low-carbon transition (the Bilan Carbone® System and the Système de Management Carbone) as well as their updates, subject to level 1 training; the ability to conduct of Bilan Carbone® assessments on behalf of clients, subject to level 2 training
  • Invitations to events organized by the ABC and its partners
  • Technical assistance which allows you to benefit from the technical team’s expertise
  • Visibility of your organization through your company’s inclusion in the list of members on the Association’s website, publication of your news and information in the Association’s communication media

How to join?

1. Enter your information via the online shop (below)

Your application for membership will be subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and the payment of the corresponding annual fee.

2.  Read the Association’s Articles

3.  Agree to the ABC’s operating charter

4 colleges, designed to represent the diversity of our stakeholders

Membership distribution

  • Companies
  • Advice and research
  • Public sector
  • Citizen organizations

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