Local and Regional Authorities

Local Regions

The ABC is commited to working with local and regional authorities:

  • In 2017, Damien Huetbecame the head of the Energy-Climate Division; with his recruitment, the ABC integrated the ADEME’s PCAET training program. Damien is part of the ADEME pool of trainers who are dedicated to a local and regional approach to the energy-climate transition.


  • In 2017, the Gerneral Meeting organized a round table dedicated to the challenges of the energy and climate transition at the local and regional levels. Nicolas Garnier, Delegate General of Amorce, Nicolas Portier, Delegate General of the Assemblée des Communautés de France, and Nicolas Vallée, for ADEME’s Local and Regional Assistance Department, were present for the occasion.

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  • Regularly working with Climate Action Network France (RAC-F) on local and regional issues. For example, our two organizations jointly organized a workshop on the occasion of the European Energy Transition Conference in Geneva on 31 January 2018. In organizing this workshop, the RAC-F and the ABC wanted to focus on the essential issue of taking indirect emissions into account in local public policies.


  • By regularly working with the technical teams from such networks and organizations asADCF, FLAME, Amorce, RARE, Cit’ergie, etc., the ABC, begining in 2018, will be working to develop tools and methods that will facilitate the integration of GHG issues into public policies, and open up new horizons for the Bilan Carbone® Territoire tool.


  • By creating partnerships for the “Local Energy Sobriety” project, organizations like Virage Energie, Energy Cities, the RAC-FC and I4CE are brought together. This project will culminate in 2018 with the publication of a guide to best sobriety practices as well as offering a series of workshops and training for associations and local elected representatives.

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