Newsletter n°18 – march 2018


The key word of this newsletter is unquestionably the international!
On the program: focus on the translations of the website, the presentation leaflet and the tool Bilan Carbone®, recapitulative of the restitution of the experiment ACT and all the information of the energy-climate ecosystem.

Newsletter n°17 – December 2017


Launch of Bilan Carbone version 8,
publication of an overview of international standards, all our upcoming events…
December’s newsletter is brimming with
news from the ABC!

Newsletter n°16 – September 2017


In this newsletter, we will inform you of the progress of promising projects on which we are working, especially the upcoming release of our mini-MOOC, in collaboration with Avenir Climatique; to learn more about all our projects, click here!

Newsletter n° 15 – June 2017


We are taking this opportunity to update you on our ACT project, the release of Bilan Carbone® version 7.7, our new collaboration with Solidarité climatique and other news contained in the information recap for the 2nd quarter 2017.

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