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The ABC has two methodologies designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote a low carbon society.

Le Bilan Carbone®

These systems and tools allow any organization to assess its GHG emissions thereby becoming aware of its main emissions sources as well as its energy vulnerabilities. The organization is, therefore, able to define reduction targets for its emissions as well as associated action plans. The Bilan Carbone system allows an organization to understand the impact of its activities on the environment, in terms of its GHG emissions.  It allows the organization to identify the processes and actions which emit the most GHGs. It is only after identifying and analyzing these factors, that an organization can consider solutions to significantly reduce its environmental impact.

The Bilan Carbone® system is the most widely used GHG accounting and reduction initiative in France.

In order to assess the relationship an organization’s activities have with fossil fuel depletion, the Bilan Carbone® system uses a global approach which gives equal weight to:

So-called “direct” emissions”(Type 1 emissions, according to ISO 14069)

So-called “indirect” emissions”(Types 2 and&3 emissions, according to ISO 14069)

Every aspect necessary for the conduct of the activity is therefore taken into account:

It is because of this comprehensive approach, that the Bilan Carbone® system provides a strategic and comprehensive understanding of GHG emissions.

Indeed, after completing a Bilan Carbone® assessment, the organization will have an understanding regarding two important elements:
• which of the business’s activities produce the most GHG emissions;
• how dependant the organization is on fossil fuels.

Le Bilan Carbone®, methodology developed and continually updated by the ABC since 2011

The Carbone Management System®

Additionally, the SM-GES (Système de Management for GHGs), allows organizations to create a a plan to reduce their GHG emissions by facilitating and guiding defined reduction actions.

The SM-GES® is a new solution designed to integrate the management of GHG emissions into an organization’s overall policies, strategic business plans and to facilitate how these actions are undertaken.
The term SM-GES® offers:

a framework in which requirements for integrating the management of GHG emissions into the management of organizations are presented,

tools associated with this framework in order to support its operational implementation,

training in the use of the framework and its accompanying tools

The SM-GES is compatible with the following management systems:

environmental(ISO 14001)

energy(ISO 50001)

quality control (ISO 9001)

Carbon Management training allows a reduction stategy to be implemented in order to effectively respond to the economic challenges of climate change.

SM-GES training offers an effective solution in assisting with implementing an effective carbon management system. With a hands-on approach, it allows continuous improvements to an effective GHG emissions management policy.

Presentation of the SM-GES®, a greenhouse gas management system designed and developed by the ABC

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