The ABC has partnered with numerous associations that are also active in the energy and climate fields.

The goal of these partnerships is to generate the maximum amount of knowledge in order to work together to create appropriate solutions for organizations and to incorporate new energy transition standards.

The ABC’s resources include membership fees and revenues from license sales and training offered by the IFC (private sector) and the IFORE (public sector).

Since 2016, the ABC has received, in support of its activities which work towards the general public interest, subsidies and operational support from institutions such as ADEME, the Ministry of the Environment and the French Deposits and Consignments Fund, also called the CDP. Finally, it creates specific partnerships for projects likely to interest private sector players, without ever calling into question its independence.

The ABC is a member of the ATEE, the CITEPA, Club France Sustainable Development and the Comité 21.

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